The European Association of Oral Medicine (EAOM) aims, through its Diploma, to increase the knowledge among dentists and physicians who are working in the field of oral medicine and to facilitate a pan-European level of competence in Oral Medicine. The diploma leads to the status of Diplomat in Oral Medicine within the EAOM. It has no legal status in any of the European countries. The validity of the Diploma is set at 10 years; thereafter, the taking of a Certification Maintenance Examination is required.

Members who already have a recognised specialist’ status in Oral Medicine in a country where Oral Medicine is an officially recognised speciality and members with an equivalent of the specialist’ status in countries where Oral Medicine is not officially recognised as a speciality may apply for being exempted from taking the examination. The correspondence should be directed to the Secretary-General of the EAOM. The EAOM has the right of inviting such applicants to present an updated curriculum vitae for further consideration.

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